Mission Statement

'An exciting place to learn and thrive; a place where all children are valued; a place that nurtures and cements early foundations for life long learning'. 

At Basnett Street Nursery School we place a strong emphasis on the desire to help all children reach their individual potential. Our planning and structure wholly support and reflect the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and the Every Child Matters agenda. Ensuring that the individual child and their family is at the centre of all learning and development. Learning opportunities are designed, implemented and reviewed regularly so that the experiences offered provide children a chance to learn and consolidate new skills. 
Key to this is assessment and evaluation of every child’s learning needs so they can be supported and encouraged appropriately. We ensure that all parents and carers are part of this process so that we are working together to best support every child.  Children learn best when they are happy, relaxed and playing. Delivering the curriculum while the children are engaged in play helps foster a genuine curiosity and love of learning. 
All play is conducted in a safe, child-centred environment under the guidance of qualified staff who are sympathetic to the care and educational needs of the children.  We aim to make the transition between home, nursery and school as easy as possible by fully engaging with parents and carers at every stage of their child’s journey from nursery into the reception class at school.  By building on these good relationships we hope to foster good social skills and a growing independence in the children.  We recognise that an appropriate and positive nursery experience will help children feel confident about the challenges that lie ahead.