Parent Comments

As part of our effort to understand parents' views, what they like about The Chatterbox Club and things that they would like to suggest, the governors' arrange for periodic surveys where parents' are asked to comment on the club's performance.  Our parents'/carers' at The Chatterbox Club are very important to us and we respect their views and wishes greatly.

Please see below a selection of the kind and wonderful comments said by parents' and carers' of our children, children's names have not been included: 

Term 2021 -2022

Autumn 2021 - Feedback

Do you feel that your child is happy at nursery?

Always excited, Yes, she is really enjoying nursery, He smiles when he see Fatay and runs into play, She is now very happy to go to nursery and comes out happy, generally he loves to go to nursery and tells us lot of good things when we collect him.


I believe the transition was great, Everything runs fine for us,

I think the transition was made very well and not much more could have made it easier,

For us personally it was very easy.

Slowly building up hours.

Observing the staff interacting with the children, how they calmly react to different situations and encourage play and learning.

Taking it slowly, no pressure.

General Comments

We are really pleased to read about how well our child is doing at nursery, he has come along way from when he started and only said a few words! Thank you for playing such a key role in his development and providing a warm, nurturing and emotional validating space to spend his Tuesday & Thursday mornings.

Very happy, keep up the good work, special thanks to Kelly for going above and beyond.

I am over the moon to hear how well my child is progressing within himself and developing into such a clever little boy.....super proud mummy!

Very proud of my child's social skills, she is developing and growing in confidence every day.

My little boy has built up so much confidence while being at nursery, making new friends & becoming aware of who he can trust. Listening to his keyworker today about how far he has come makes me so proud of him.