Nursery Sessions

We want to see all the children of our school achieve their full potential, and regular attendance is vital in achieving this.

Please ensure your child arrives for Nursery on time:

Morning Session: 8.45-11.45am

Afternoon Session: 12.40-3.40pm

 Nursery Absences

A daily attendance is expected but if your child is absent from nursery, please could all parents ring the school office by 9.30am for morning session children or 1.00pm for afternoon session children, if your child is not able to attend their session due to illnesses, appointments or other acceptable reasons. Staff will be concerned if they do not hear anything. The school must be advised beforehand of all medical appointments so that accurate registration can be maintained.  

 Nursery Holidays

Holidays in term time are discouraged.  If a family decides to take a holiday abroad (in excess of 2 weeks during term time) then the place could be forfeited.

It is necessary for the school to keep accurate records of all attendance, absence and poor time-keeping.

Our Nursery Attendance Target is 90%

We would ask parents to read the following guidelines: 

What is Good Attendance?

Good attendance means being in school at least 90% of the time. Anything less than 100% attendance means that your child is missing out on their education. 

Good Attendance Means...

  • Being in school at least 90% of the time OR
  • Being in school between 180 and 190 days each year

Anything less than 100% attendance means that your child is missing out on their education.  There are only 190 school days each year.  That leaves 175 days not at school for shopping and holidays. 

Attendance Policy

For further information on the Attendance Policy this can be found under Policies.

Attendance Certificates

At Basnett Street Nursery School we reward good attendance by celebrating attendance every half-term by handing out 100% Attendance Certificates.