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Sleeping Arrangements

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Its amazing how well children adapt to the nursery surroundings and for those children who need a daytime sleep, sleep facilities are available in our designated tranquil sleep area within our new extension room. 


Many two to three year olds still need one sleep a day; this sleep usually takes place after lunch and a sleep routine is formed. 


On some occasions many children have felt so comforted and safe with their key worker that they will fall asleep on them.  It is then that we will put them to sleep at their needed rest time. 


The designated sleep area is kept calm and soothing to ensure the children can relax and have a planned rest time.    We have tried to create a warm, relaxing and peaceful environment where your child can enjoy resting.  We have dimmed main lighting and gentle fairy lights. 


Whilst children sleep, there are always two members of staff  - a Room Leader and an Early Years Practitoner in the room to monitor the length of sleep time and other calming curriculum activities.


We try to reflect what you are doing at home so that any established sleep pattern is supported, however some parents wish to limit the amount of sleep their children have at nursery.  If you wish to do so please talk to your child's keyworker.


 "Children smile in their sleep because they're listening to the whispering of angels

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