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Dummies, Thumbs & other Comforters


Why Children use Comforters

Dummies, thumb sucking, soft toys, blankets are some of the comforters (or attachment objects) that help children relax.   These are all common  childhood habits which are very important for the children who do use them.


Working in partnership with parents/carers we recognise the use of comforters in young children and found that these help to settle your child especially in the settling in period and induction process.


If your child uses a comforter, that comforter can make a positive contribution to their emotional development; however if the child needs a comforter alot, this can interfer with their opportunity to play.


If your child does use a comforter, his or her keyworker will be available to you and your child's needs.


For further advice and top tips for success on dummies, thumbs and comforters, listed below are useful toilet training links: 


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