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Staff and Governors

Governing Monitoring


A key role of Governors is to monitor the schools effectiveness overall.  Feedback from monitoring procedures demonstrates the vital role Governors play in moving the school forward:


Term 2016-17

  • An action plan has been implemented in the Spring Term focusing on how to further strengthen our partnership with parents and the wider community.  In the Spring term an EYFS accredited course (supporting a child’s learning) was held for parents which involved parents attending for a number of weeks.  Led by a tutor from Lancashire adult learning, Jacqueline Spencer who was “delighted to be continuing working with our setting which she described as fantastic”.  Parents were able to gain knowledge of the EYFS and how Nursery supports their child’s learning.  An ESOL course was also held where 8 parents attended who are learning English as an additional language.  A fantastic outcome for so many parents to attend.  These two courses alone mean that we have supported 14 parents to further develop their skills.   Helping parents to become better learners themselves, research suggests one third of parents actively engaged leads to significant improvements in children’s achievements.  Evidence suggests that “young people’s aspirations and those of their parents influence their educational attainment and later life outcomes”  We held an Easter raffle to raise funds to be spent on parental partnership.  The annual Bunny hop in March for the Pendleside Hospice, we raised £169.60 and received a lovely thank you letter from the hospice “your generosity allows us to continue providing our vital care services to people in Burnley and Pendle”(Community Cohension Governor - June 2017)

  • The main focus of this term's visit was PSED and was observed in the outdoor areas.  The visit was an opportunity to look at how settled the children are in the nursery environment indoors and the interaction between staff and children and how children were speaking to each other.  The children appear to have settled into nursery very well and they are free to choose their own activities with adults nearby to support when necessary.  In both rooms all children were positively engaged in activities either alone, with peers or with an adult. An impressive array of activities were on offer to cater for all interests including plenty of tactile and sensory experiences - painting, water, sand, collage and flour. This was a very positive visit and no key issues arose out of it.  (Curriculum Indoor Environment Visit, November 2016 - Chair Governor)

termdates7Term 2015-16 

  • The school provides relevant safety education to all children and taught how to stay e-safety safe.  Children use ipad and computers across all areas of the curriclum to retreive information independently or adult-led.  Promoting and marketing the nursery's website and Facebook is always continously being updated to enable access for further information; this will improve accessibility for parents and engagement with parents to encourage parents to use the website and Facebook.  Analysing Facebook and website data reports are printed to analyse it's audience, behaviour and overview.  (E-Safety Governor, March 2016)

  • During the term the Assistant Premise Manager has attended the following training courses: COSHH Briefing and Asbestos Traing Briefing; further training on other Health & Safety aspects is annually completed to keep udated with all Health & Safety information.  Annual inspection of the following has been completed: Fire Safety, Legionella & Water Hygiene, Asbestos, Tree Safety, Playground Equipment and Playground Inspection.  The annual regular/statutory inspections and service of all premises aspects has been complated and submitted.  This ensures all premise services within the building have been identified and undertaken and monitored to the required LCC standards. (Health & Safety Governor, March 2016)

  • Promoting Community Cohesion was very busy during the Autumn Term and this here are examples of the many things they did.  An Autumn walk to the local park was well attended by parents and a visit to the local residents at Browhead Court was very enjoyable as the children sang Christmas songs for them.  The annual Christmas Trail and Christmas Nativity was very well attended by parents/Carers and families.  Parental Involvement Co-ordinators made links with a local charity 'Santa Never Forgets' who received donations of selection boxes for local children of Burnley & Padiham, in it's first year it had such a huge response!  The Co-ordinators also made links with the Adult Learning Centre with a first taster session 'Feed your Family for a Fiver'. further course are planned for the Spring Term.  Donated food was coolected for harvest time for the local food banks in aid of the Syrian refugees which was very well supported by parents/carers, families and staff members.  (Community Cohension Governor, March 2016)

  • The main focus of this term's visit was 'Speaking' as this was an area of development for 2015/16.  Most of the observations were done indoors as there were only 3 children playing outside.  The main theme of planned activities was 'Pirates' in which both boys and girls were dressed up and all seemed really engaged interactively in the theme.  As a result I observed some very good language and communication skills; however these children monopolised my time so I found it difficult to observe the quieter children.  All the children were positively engaged in activities and behaviour was observed to be good.  (Curriculum Indoor Environment Visit, February 2016 - Chair Governor)


Term 2014-15

  • Reading and writing activities were in evidence in all areas of the nursery.  The writing area in particular looked very inviting and was well used during the observation time.  Another inviting area was the Science/Investigation area where caterpillars could be observed.  The role play area had been made into a garden centre where children had made their own seed packets and were writing out their shopping lists.  In the small world area two children had put together a train track and were making dinosaurs walk along it while another was looking at an 'incident information sheet' next to the fire station.  Dual language signs and labels are in evidence showing children that their home language is valued.  On some previous curiculum visits lots of children had been playing outside but on this occasion only two (apart from those in the forest school) were playing outside, indicating that activities on offer inside were holding their interests and meeting their individual needs.  (Curriculum Indoor Environment Visit, October 2014 - Chair Governor)

    • The focus of school attendance is still paramount at the nursery.  Strategies in place are continually working effectively and efficiently and are able to see the non-attending children.  The nursery continually are focused and work hard with all the parents, and the community.  A new termly attendance newsletter has been divised to continue attendance awareness along with a new attendance leaflet for all new parents who children are admitted in the new school term.  (Attendance Governor, May 2015)

    • Some children were sitting on the floor with a staff member making constructions with magnetic shapes.  The children were encouraged to help each other and the staff membre used home language to support those who were struggling.  (Communication & Learning)  Children were looking at the eggs with a staff member who talked about the life cucle using the correct language e.g. 'Embryo' (Understanding the World)  In the reading corner children were acting out the 'Chicken Lickin' story using soft toys, and handling books correctly 'Oh No, the book's upside down, can't read it like that' (Reading) Throughout the observation session all the children were engaged and the staff moved around the rooms to ensure this.  Children were encouraged to think for themselves. (Curriculum Indoor Environment Visit, March 2015 - Chair Governor)

    • Successful home visits took place in the Autumn Term.  Parent Forest School sessions were very well attended and successful. Sir John Thursby Community College  Choir attended our annual Outdoor Christmas Carol Event which was an enjoyable event as well as our nativity concert.  The Autumn walk was well attended by parents who happily volunteered to ensure the children's safety.  The annual Christmas Trail was again very successful especially when we used the Forest School for the home of Santa's magical grotto! (Community Cohesion Governor - January 2015)

    • Overall the majority of the children when assessed in October/November 2014 were found to be emerging into 22-36 months.  This is below age related expectations.  Analysed data was children's First Language, SEN needs, Term of Birth and how many terms the children would be here.  As always we found Autumn born children were working at a higher stage of development, Punjabi, Pushto and Bengali speking children were low.  Chatterbox Club children are again at a higher stage of development which shows the positive impact on the good provision from the Chatterbox Club. Focused Learning Plans have been put in placed for children who have not made progress and for children on their SEN needs.  Speech & Language Referrals had been made for children whose data were low. (Assessment Monitoring Governor, November 2014)

  • All areas of the curriculum were being covered and examples of all three characteristics of learning were very much evidence throughout the nursery.  Children were observed being engaged (making cupcakes in the sand), motivated (concertrating on building/ rebuilding towers of bricks) and thinking (child using iPad).  (Curriculum Indoor Environment Visit, October 2014 - Chair Governor)

  • Regular school attendance is crucial to the development and education of children.  The focus of school attendance is to highlight the importance of promoting children's attendance in nursery and to be aware of the strategies already in place. Strategies in place promote and monitor children with all levels of attendance i.e. Attendance Tree, Parents' Noticeboard, Reception Attendance Noticeboard, Nursery Facebook Page, Nursery Website, Termly Attendance letters to Parents, Termly Attendance Certificates.  More regular consistent attendance makes for a happy and settled child, and one who has chance to reach their academic potential.  Nursery forms the building blocks for a smooth transition to primary.  (Attendance Governor, January 2015)

  • Upon exit in July 2014 the majority of children were emerging into 40-60 months which is within age related expectations.  The data clearly highlights that typically the children make 5 steps of progress which indicates outstanding progress.  The yearly comparison highlights the areas from the School Improvement Plan (SIP) have impacted on the data: e.g. The Forest school initiative has resulted in the children making 7 levels of progress which demonstrates a higher level of development and increased progress.  The second target on the SIP was to improve Expressive Arts; data shows that children made 5 levels of progress.  The yearly comparison highlights areas for the future SIP which is Literacy, as the children made less progress. (Assessment Monitoring Governor, November 2014)

  • Promoting and marketing the nursery's website and Facebook have been highlighted by the termly newletters and nursery trip letters and school website links for parents to enable access for further information; this will improve accessibility for parents and engagement with parents to encourage parents to use the website and Facebook.  Majority of parents have completed and signed the E-Safety consent forms.  Analysing Facebook and website data reports are printed to analyse it's audience, behaviour and overview.  (E-Safety Governor, November 2014)

  • Nursery continually strives to be actively involved in promoting community cohesion (i.e. Annual Farm Visit, Pets at Home Visit, Parent Forest School Training, Parent's Meeting) and the parental involvement co-ordinators are making links with local high schools and businesses to further promote cohesion.  (Community Cohesion Governor, November 2014) 


Term 2013-14

  • The School Bursar, Premise Manager Supervisor and E-Safety Champion ensure all aspects of E-Safety, Health & Safety are all currently up-to-date and in line with current legislation following Premises Management Briefing and training courses. (June 2014 - Health & Safety Governor)

  • The school continues to be actively involved in promoting Community Cohesion.  During the Spring term the school visited the local Youth Theatre, links were made with the Lancashire Women's Centre where their advisors held a drop in session in nursery, a story teller came to visit the nursery in which parent's attended.  Sambabamba musical group provided sessions for the children and parents; Stay and Play sessions were also organised for parents and families to see first hand how their children learn at Nursery.  In April the new Forest School was officially opened and in May parents sessions  were held so they could experience first-hand the importance of outdoor learning for their children, again this was well attended.  Parents remain actively involved with all aspects of their child's nursery.  (June 2014 - Community Cohesion Governor)

  • 'I'd like to offer the whole team my continued interest and support, especially when the hard work within the team is there to be seen, not just as a one-off during a focus session, but also as a prevailing ethos in the school'. (Teaching & Learning Monitoring Governor)

  • 'The Forest School area is very well set out and resourced, covering all prime and specific areas of EYFS learning and development.  Each key worker has allocated time there and they stay outside for the whole 3 hour session.  The group walks to the forest singing their song and sit in the shed to talk about what they did last time and what activities are available that day.  Today activities varied from: mashing eggs, grass, leaves and berries with a pestle into a mortar to make paint in the mud kitchen, going on a bug hunt, collecting eggs from the chicken coop, playing with the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf puppets, catching numbered ducks with fishing nets from the stream, digging worms from the planting beds, reading books, jumping from pallet to pallet. The children appear to be very confident and independent.  Throughout the sessions, good interactions were observed between staff, children and between the children themselves.  The implementation of the Forest School is proving to be a great asset, allowing the children to have real-life, hands on experiences while being suported by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who recognise the benefits of learning in the outdoor environment'. (Curriculum Forest School Visit, May 2014 - Chair Governor)

  • 'My focus visit confirms that I have good reason to be proud of Basnett Street Nursery School, its leadership team and staff and the quality of its early years' provision.  I am pleased to be a part of a governing body which I hope is seen to be effective and supportive'. (Teaching & Learning Monitoring Governor)

  • 'Staff have a sound understanding of a child's achievement and abilities when the child enters nursery'. (Assessment Monitoring Governor)


Term 2012-13

  • 'The school continues to be actively involved in promoting Community Cohesion, this is evident from a shared ethos throughout the setting of staff's willingness to value and continue to welcome all families into the setting.  The environment demonstrates that the Nursery has worked hard to develop all areas of continous provision to provide resources that reflects all cultures.  I have received the Community Cohesion Action Plan - 2012/13 which clearly demonstrates the school's commitment for further development.   The Nursery has recently set up a Facebook page and the school bursar regularly posts information for parents and the local community to see.  This term the children have already enjoyed a number of celebrations, a party for Eid, which the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed.  Diwali celebrations and a number of events planned for the Autumn term demonstrates the schools on-going commitment to promote Community Cohesion.'(Community Cohension Governor)

  • 'The website and also the Facebook page which is both packed with attendance results and encourages parents to bring children in to school and to encourage and demonstrate the importance of good attendance to parents,  certificates are given out termly for 100% Attendance!  Schools target is to raise attendance from 85% to 90%.'(Attendance Monitoring Governor) 

Ofsted Report5

OFSTED COMMENT: ‘The Headteacher, Governors and the entire team of staff provide  effective   leadership. Governors possess a good knowledge about how well the school is doing and support it well’

-OfSTED Inspection


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