Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of all children, whatever their stage of development on entry. It is a progressive sequence, that enables children to make accelerated progress inline with their stage of development.  It all starts with the building of key relationships. This prioritises everything.  A child who feels safe and secure where all their basic needs are met will flourish and thrive.
A child who feels valued and has their voice heard, will climb that ladder of learning, with that key adult skill fully scaffolding the way to the top. That key adult  will be the child`s role model, who will explore, investigate, share their thoughts, ideas and more importantly, tune in and make that learning come to life and be meaningful and purposeful for them as an individual.
The outdoor world is vast, and offers so much learning. Our intention is to use this natural world to its full advantage. To explore the awe and wonder moments of the natural beauty of the world to bring the curriculum to life.
This intention is for all our children, ensuring high quality learning for all.