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Raising a Concern

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We aim to have staff available to ensure that parents/carers can discuss any issues of concern so as to avoid unnecessary distress. 



Parents/carers may in the first instance take any complaint to the Headteacher of the Nursery School Mrs Lindsay Ingham or the Manager of The Chatterbox Club, Mrs Grace Walker  We will always give serious consideration to concerns and complaints that are brought to the schools attention. 

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 We will ensure that the concern/complaint is dealt with effectively and with fairness to all  parties.  Where possible we will always try to resolve complaints informally. 

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If we feel that the complaint regarding the nursery school can not be resolved informally we will follow Lancashire County Councils formal complaints procedures (if you would like a copy of this please see the Headteacher).


If we feel that the complaint regarding The Chatterbox Club can not be resolved informally, the concern/complaint will need to be put in writing to the Chairman of the Management Committee, using The Chatterbox Club address.


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OfSTED can also be contacted at:

The National Complaints Team

Ofsted National Business Unit

Piccadilly gate

Store Street


M1 2WD


♦ Email: enquires@ofsted.gov.uk

Old telephone 

♦ Tel:  0300 123 4666

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