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For Parents

The following information is a Parents' Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


Children and Family Wellbeing Service Guide to What's On in Burnley

EYFS Parent's Guide (PDF, 1.5MB) 

Parents' Information Board


Ready Steady School

Nursery School Reopening Letter June 2020

Coronavirus Information 

Online Safety Guidance

The information board is situated in the entrance . It is an important means of communication between home and school and we hope you will find it very useful. We have a TV screen in the entrance, this will usually display photographs and video clips of activities that the children have been doing in nursery.  We also use it to display important notices for parents.

Voluntary School Fund Contribution

Piggy Bank

The School Fund is a voluntary contribution of £2.50 per week. This is collected in nursery school every Monday. We rely heavily on this money to fund a wide range of exciting activities such as baking, malleable play, toys/resources, parties and other special events such as Asian dancing and Sambabamba.

Fruit Sharing


To promote children to enjoy eating healthy snacks,parents bring in a piece of fruit every Monday to enable children to enjoy fruit sharing. 

Happy Birthday Celebrations


As we are a healthy school, we do not allow sweets or birthday cake to be brought into school.   We do however, strive to make your child’s birthday a special event and  celebrate with them by singing, blowing out candles and giving them a small gift. 

Parent Involvement

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We very much appreciate your interest and support. This can be in many different ways such as reading with your child at home, getting involved in the topic of interest, bringing interesting items from home or offering your help with preparation work for nursery activities.  We know that many parents and grandparents have particular skills, hobbies and talents and it would be so nice to share these with the children.  A lot of extra parent helpers are always needed for outings, so perhaps this is a way in which you may like to help.

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Your child will also be provided with their own learning journal.  This journal will be used by staff to document your child's learning and achievements throughout their time at nursery.  However, we also rely heavily on parents to support us with these journals.  This is because you spend much more time with your child and therefore, have so much information to offer us.  Therefore, we really do encourage parents to use these journals and add information to them that staff can use to support your child's learning in nursery. 

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