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Our Nursery

Nursery Communication

How the Nursery Keeps Parents Informed

Communication plan


www.basnettstreet.lancs.sch.uk.  The nursery website is a valuable source of all information about our nursery and can be translated in many languages.


Quick and accessible way for the nursery to share information with parents/carers and friends of the school community.

Parents Information Board

The Parents Information Board is situated in the nursery entrance which includes: attendance news, holiday list and daily practices within nursery.


Letters are regularly distributed to ensure parents are fully informed.

Nursery Prospectus

The parents of new admissions at the nursery will receive a copy of the nursery prospectus including all relevant information.

Parent Meetings

Parent meetings are held each term and they provide a valuable opportunity for parents to meet and discuss in person their child's progress at Basnett Street Nursery School with their key person.

Children's Learning Journal

The Children's Learning Journeys allow staff to share children's learning experiences during their time at nursery with parents.

Text Message Service

A quick and efficient way to instantly send short and accurate messages to parents, carers and governors.

Verbal Communication

We strongly recognise the importance of parents working in partnerships with the nursery to support their child's learning.  We recognise that as parents/carers you are your child's first educators, so it is important that you feel valued and are involved in your child's development and education.  We have an 'open door' policy, which means that you can speak to us anytime regarding your child or any other queries you may have.

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