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We understand that not all of our parents have access to Facebook and therefore we will continue to upload weekly activities to this page for you to use at home with your children. We would love to see pictures and hear from you at home as we all miss the children very much. You can send these via email to Melissa, Kim or Alison.

Melissa - mberry@basnettstreet.lancs.sch.uk
Kim - Kmcgrail@basnettstreet.lancs.sch.uk
Alison - bursar@basnettstreet.lancs.sch.uk



Week Commencing 15.06.20 

Monday - There have been lots of exciting changes recently as the lockdown begins to ease. This weekend you may have been to see family and friends, social distanced, in their gardens or at the park. Your children may want to talk about these changes as we slowly begin to transition back to a new normal. You could role play with your childs teddys, dolls and toys a social distanced tea party. Talking about their toys feelings about being able to see more people but still being unable to hug one another. 

social distanced picnic













Tuesday - Today you could practice counting with your child. Put up to 10 objects into a cup, we like to use jewels, shake the cup and then pour the objects onto the floor for your child to count. You can change the amount of objects in the cup each time. You can extend this activity by looking for the matching numeral to the amount, or even getting your child to represent the number on paper. 

counting jewels










Wednesday - The children who are in nursery today will be playing an initial sounds game called 'Cross the River' this game involves finding objects that start with different sounds like, 's' for sock, 'a' for apple, 't' for tin, 'p' for pen, 'i' for insect, 'n' for knife. You then lay some fabric down on the floor, this becomes your river. Introduce the objects and their initial sound to your child before telling them that only the object that starts with the sound 's' can cross the river. Help your child then to find the 's' for sock and let it cross the river. Contine with all the objects. This activity tunes children into hearing the first sound in words, you can play similar games online such as this one below.  


 Thursday - Another phonics activity today is all about hearing the different sounds in words (segmenting) and putting them together to create a word (blending). For example you can 'segment' cat as c-a-t, please make sure you say the letter sounds not the letter names. Theres lot's of games again online that you could play or watch this youtube video. The children who are at nursery will be playing this game on Thursday and I will upload the video to our facebook page if you would like to see Kim playing the game. 


Friday - Today our hands are going to be grabbing claws and we are going to try and grab as many jewels, coins, lego pieces as we can and then count how many we managed to grab from a big pile in the middle. This is similar to the arcade game where you control a robot arm to try and grab a toy. You could even try sticking the objects down in a row as you count like the little girl in the picture! 

grabbing cotton


























Week Commencing 08.06.20


Monday - The children have been fascinated in birds recently. At home you could Read or watch Owl Babies. Then try to create your very own birds nest, you could use sticks, feathers and leaves to do this. Why not try to make a nest for boys and girls, you could use cushions, throws, duvets and blankets! We would love to see photos of your nest creations too.

Tuesday - Today you could play I-Spy for objects beginning with 'c' around your house. Maybe you could go for a walk and see if you could also find things beginning with 'c'...I wonder what you will find? A car, cat, crayon, colour or maybe even your own name starts with a c?

Wednesday - Today we we would like you to sing a number rhyme song called '5' little ducks. You can find this song on youtube following this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZw9veQ76fo&safe=active . You could use your fingers to represent the ducks and fold your finger down each time a duckling goes missing to help you count the remaining ducks. 

Thursday - Why not play a rhyming game at home? Or you could read a rhyme with your grown up and look at how some of the words sound the same. 

Friday - We love counting at Basnett Street and we are also very good at it! I wonder what objects you could find around the house to count? Maybe count the steps in your house? You could count how many windows you have or even count plastic leads from your recycling. Have fun and enjoy your weekends :) 


Week Commencing 01.06.20

Monday - At home you could explore your own shadow or the shadow of somebody in your home! You could use chalk or a stone to draw around the shadow and reflect back on the shape of it. Perhaps you could draw around the shadows of some of your toys too? Shadows are lots of fun and they change throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. Another fun activity is to make a sundial at home and watch as the shadow moves depending on the time of day. 

NatureCat Sundial ImageShadow TracingToy Shadow Tracing Rectangle 3





































Tuesday - This looked like a very exciting activity that you could try at home. Even if you don't have pipe cleaners or lego at home you could be inventive and create a new way of playing ring toss at home! We would love to see photos of what you have managed to create, you can send them to our emails at the top of the page. 

ring toss



















Wednesday - 
A little bit of maths today. All you need is some tape, preferably masking tape but you could also try this with chalk outside or even find plastic containers to use if you don't have chalk or tape. Create a grid using tape. This could have 2, 4, 6, 8 or even 10 boxes but no more. Then using objects around your house you can place each object into a box and count how many you have altogether. To make this even trickier why not try adding two amounts of objects together? Maybe find objects that are red and objects that are blue. Count your red objects and place them in the grid. Count your blue objects and place them in the grid then count how many objects you have altogether?














Thursday - 
Something we love to do at Basnett Street is to sit around the campfire in forest and enjoy some s'mores. You could try this at home using a tealight as your camp fire! Perhaps you will even sing some campfire songs whilst enjoying your S'more delicacy, we would love to see some photos of you making your very own s'mores so why not send them to us?



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