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Forest School

Forest School Sessions


Your child will engage in high quality learning experiences, building upon the outstanding provision throughout the rest of the school.   Children  will be taken into the Forest School setting one day a week, where they will participate in real life experiences and hands on situations and develop an understanding and appreciation for the natural environment.  This is a fantastic way to improve your child's confidence and physical development.


They will be supplied with suitable protective and waterproof clothing and footwear which is worn at all times; so that the children are adequately prepared to face the elements as we aim to go in the Forest School in all weathers.


Sessions take place within the nursery's naturally stunning and extensive outdoor environment and all equipment necessary for the session is already and prepared in our Forest School.  The exact detail of the session will depend on the children but below are some of the typical activities that our Forest School children are offered. 


During a typical Forest School session, children will take part in activities following the children's interest


♥ Getting ready independently √

♥ Animal homes √

♥ Build a den or shelter √

♥ Play in mud kitchen √

♥ Care for the chickens √

♥ Paddle in the stream √

♥ Gardening √

♥ Bug hunts √

♥ Mud pies in the kitchen √

♦ Collect water from the stream √

♥ Snack time - is a time for all children and adults to rest, eat and reflect together √

♥ Tidying up - allows time to discuss and implement aspects of conservation and sustainbility √

♥ Reflection time - encourages the children to talk about their experiences and ideas √

and much, much more!


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 "To see a world in a grain of sand.  And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, an eternity in an hour." - William Blake (1757 - 1827)



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