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Forest School

Forest School Children


Our Forest School is used by all our children especially those who have special needs such as speech and language difficulties or emotional and behaviour difficulties. 


The Forest School programme has a very positive impact on behaviour, learning and therefore the ability to build stronger relationships with those in authority, where this may cause stress and anti-social behaviour in a more mainstream environment.


The Forest School setting is adaptable and allows for flexible and innovative approach to learning to be undertaken which can accommodate a range of learning styles such as kinaesthetic, linguistic, interpersonal, mathematical and visual learning.   


Forest School has been particularly successful with children possessing these learning abilities  with each child benefiting differently from the experiences they have whilst continuing their learning and development outdoors.  Forest School is an approach that can allow practitioners to shape teaching methods to an individual's learning style.


The outdoors provides children with a relaxed environment where they will not encounter failure.  Research has shown that children, particularly boys, find learning easier outside rather than inside.


Our Forest School is enjoyed by all the children who go there, as they are gaining an understanding of the world, the natural environment and everything within it.  We hope you and your child enjoy being a part of our Forest School. ♥


"Passion is lifted from the earth itself by the muddy hands of the young; it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart." Richard Louv (1949-  ) 



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