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Forest School



'Welcome to our new, stunning and unique outdoor classroom roofed only by the sky!'



Remember the days when we freely played outside and explored our surroundings on bikes or on foot? - We had fun making dens, climbing trees, collecting wild flowers and investigating woodlands! 


Most children today do not have these valuable childhood experiences; many parent's emphasis is to keep them safely away from danger and risk.  Children must be safeguarded, but too much protection can hinder development, depriving them of opportunities to discover and understand their world.

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Forest School is an inspirational process that has now become a vital and treasured part of the robust outdoor learning provision to promote the wonderful learning opportunities offered through Forest School provision.  Forest School represents a rich alternative learning environment which children and staff both recognise within the naturally stunning and extensive; secure and gated woodland outdoor environment within the nursery!

The staff involved, play an important role in the success of the Forest School and whilst  working as part of a team; they embed the Forest School ethos into everything we do at the nursery. Forest School provides a homely, nuturing and creative environment in which children can flourish, along with our caring and dedicated staff, we have lots of fun along the way!


As children already use the natural environment the Forest School further enhances their learning outdoors.  Children are taught to show that all outdoor natural spaces have tremendous potential for learning, with a view to their own safety and that of the life within the forest.  The nursery children look forward to going to the Forest School sessions weekly with their keyworker - they see it as a big adventure! 

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What makes our Forest School unique and special is we provide unforgetable experiences for your child that they would not get elsewhere!  Features such as: the use of a woodland setting that is framed by strict safety routines and established boundaries that allows the flexibility and freedom for child-initiated learning.  The freedom to explore using multiple senses for encouraging creative diverse and imaginative play. 


Regular contact for the children allow them to develop a responsible attitude to risk whilst becoming familiar and confident enough to explore and interact with an ever-changing natural environment.  A high adult to children ratio allows children to undertake tasks and play activities that challenge them but also allows practitioners quickly to get to know the individual learning styles, abilities and characteristics of the children in their charge.


What makes Forest School popular is its emphasis on learning outside of the traditional classroom and having the freedom to explore the ever changing environment. Forest School at Basnett Street Nursery provides the freedom to teach and learn outdoors; and wonderfully compliments the nursery's mission statement.  We are pretty sure that your child will love and look forward to and greatly benefit from this aspect of our provision.


A web site, no matter how good, can only give you a taste of the special atmosphere at Forest School!  If you like what you seehere and want to find out more, please contact us using the details on the 'Contact Us' page.  We believe we have something very special and unique to offer...so please get in touch and start your journey soon!!!

'Parents'/Carers', Governors, Forest School Leaders and the Community have seen first hand just how treasured Forest School sessions are to our special children!



"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky" - Margaret McMillan



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