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Promoting British Values & The Prevent Duty

Community Awards/Targets


Equality Diversity2

Single Equalities


Our Single Equalities Aim is:

  • "We promote progress for all children through monitoring, evaluating and planning for individual children"

Our Single Equalities Targets are:

  • To improve children's achievement in speaking
  • To devise an effective system of supporting children entitled to EYPP

Single Equalities Policy

Community Cohesion

Community Cohesion

The following information contains the Nursery's Community Cohesion Policy: 

Community Cohesion Policy

 Arts Council England

Arts Council England

Working in partnership with a cluster of schools we have been successful in achieving a £15,000 bid to deliver a project called 'Stories Alive'.  This aims to have an impact  on the quality of teaching and learning in improving literacy provision.

Race Equality Mark2

Race Equality Mark

Basnett Street Nursery School has been successful in gaining the Race Equality Award.  The Race Equality Mark is awarded by Lancashire County Council to Lancashire schools that reach an agreed standard and therefore demonstrate that Race Equality is embedded in their practice and procedures.

The Assessment Teacher Adviser of Cohesion and Diversity said: "it was wonderful to see such outstanding practices at Basnett Street Nursery!"  A plaque was presented to the Nursery on the 12th December 2012 but an official ceremony at Preston County Hall was conducted on the 19th April 2013. 



Basnett Street Nursery School have been awarded for their recognition for the contributions they have made to improve the oral and general health of their pre-school chilldren.


To comply with 'The Equality Act 2010' the Equality objectives at Basnett Street Nursery School actively promote cultural development and understanding through a range of experiences both in the school and local community.

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