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Forest School Comments


As part of our effort to understand our community views regarding our unique Forest School; please see below a selection of the kind and wonderful comments said by our children, parents' & carers', Governors and  the Community - children's names have not been included.


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Our parents'/carers' at the Nursery are very important to us and we respect their views and wishes greatly.


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♦ Parents Forest School Training, October 2014 - Following our successful Forest School Training for parents, listed below are a sample of the wonderful comments received by our new parents.  'I have enjoyed myself despite the weather!', 'I appreciate evrything the staff do for our children', 'It has been fun spending time in the forest, seeing what you do', 'I enjoyed helping with the fire', 'I have enjoyed it all!'.

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♦ Curriculum Forest School Visit, May 2014 - Chair Governor - 'The Forest School area is very well set out and resourced, covering all prime and specific areas of EYFS learning and development.  Each key worker has allocated time there and they stay outside for the whole 3 hour session.  The group walks to the forest singing their song and sit in the shed to talk about what they did last time and what activities are available that day.  Today activities varied from: mashing eggs, grass, leaves and berries with a pestle into a mortar to make paint in the mud kitchen, going on a bug hunt, collecting eggs from the chicken coop, playing with the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf puppets, catching numbered ducks with fishing nets from the stream, digging worms from the planting beds, reading books, jumping from pallet to pallet.

The children appear to be very confident and independent.  Throughout the sessions, good interactions were observed between staff, children and between the children themselves.  The implementation of the Forest School is proving to be a great asset, allowing the children to have real-life, hands on experiences while being suported by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who recognise the benefits of learning in the outdoor environment'.






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